Praise for Green Gospel

Green Gospel by L.C. FioreBuy now!

“. . . powerful writing. . . . as skillful as they come at describing a scene and putting the reader in a place in time.”
New York Journal of Books

“From cover to cover, there is not a dull moment in Green Gospel…an accomplished writer has arrived on the scene with a fireball of a novel.”
ForeWord Book Reviews

“Brilliant…gorgeous without being showy…. Patches of the novel are written with a solid competance, while other sections are nothing short of stunning.”
American Book Reveiw

“The novel contains hauntingly beautiful passages that read like poetry, and the characters are nuanced and achingly real.”
Southern Literary Review

“A fine read of ecological concerns and what drives people to take up the cause.”
The Midwest Book Review

“A story so today that the actions that drive it could be online at the Huffington Post right now.”
The Greensboro News & Record

“…a tense tale that combines many of the most unseemly elements of Florida.”
The Independent Weekly

“A dystopia of the here and now.”
Reflexiones Finales

“Assuming you go ahead and read the first page of Fiore’s marvelous debut, the literary magic that follows will render you astonished, and you’ll be hard pressed to put it down. The gorgeous sentences in this book keep coming, the characters force you awake, and the unforgettable story is real and true.”
–Elizabeth Crane, author of You Must Be This Happy To Enter

“A powerfully unfolding story of the changing landscapes of our time–physical, cultural, and personal. With Green Gospel, L.C. Fiore establishes himself as a writer of extraordinary sensitivity and insight.”
–Alex Shakar, author of Luminarium

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