New Review for The Last Great American Magic

Posted on August 11, 2016


Donna Meredith of the Southern Literary Review posted a fantastic review of my new novel, The Last Great American Magic, today.

“With thundering force, all the touchstones of a good story roll together in The Last Great American Magic. Three brothers with wildly different personalities create conflict. Forbidden romance and vicious battles add the spice of clashing cultures. And magic percolates at every bend of the forest and river, evidenced by shamans and powerful tokens….Fiore’s careful attention to credible character development elevates this story beyond its historical value….With such differing views of land and ownership, the conflict between cultures is inevitable. To this writer’s credit, he avoids romanticizing the Indians even while recognizing their harmony with nature. He paints in unsparing detail the brutal nature of torture and the barbaric acts of war. Sprinklings of philosophy about home, language, and immortality lend this story a timeless quality.”

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Donna Meredith is the author of, most recently, Fraccidental Death (An Eco-Thriller), as well the award‐winning novels The Glass Madonna, The Color of Lies, and Wet Work. Website:

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